Programme for Quality Work att Uppsala University

  • Act number: UFV 2008/556
  • Decision maker: University Board
  • Decision date: 2008-04-22
  • Reviewed: 2019-05-22
  • Contact: Åsa Kettis
  • Processing body: Division for Quality Enhancement
  • Document type: Programmes


About the document

Table of contents

Uppsala University actively pursues quality work. The Programme for Quality Work at Uppsala University is intended to help the University achieve its goals and is a point of departure in accounting for quality work to governmental authorities and the wider community.

This Programme for Quality Work is a policy programme that provides direction and structure for the University’s systematic quality work, that is, quality assurance and quality enhancement, in education, research, and cooperation. The Programme elucidates goals and strategies as well as responsibilities for quality work. The aim is to stimulate quality work and to contribute to continuous developmental work throughout the University and to ensure that this is done in such a way as to make it possible to take action should any quality issues occur.

Goals for quality work
Quality work must satisfy internal and external quality demands and contribute to the achievement of the goals formulated in the University’s document for goals and strategies.

  • Those responsible at various levels must further develop and promote structures and processes to monitor, ensure, and enhance excellence in activities.
  • The involvement and professional approach of employees, including continuous selfcritical review of their own work, must constitute a central component of the culture of quality.
  • The influence and responsibility of students and doctoral candidates must be strengthened by effective routines and forms for their engagement in work to further advance education at all levels.