Action Plan for Equal Opportunities 2018 - Faculty of Science and Technology

  • Act number: TEKNAT 2014/170
  • Decision maker: Faculty Board of Science and Technology
  • Decision date: 2018-02-06
  • Contact: Lena S. Forsell
  • Processing body: Office for Science and Technology
  • Document type: Statements of goals and strategies


About the document

Table of contents

The action plan is based on the Faculty of Science and Technology’s Equal Opportunities Plan for 2015-2017but also includes gender mainstreaming. This years plan also has a stronger focus on the other grounds for discrimination and potential synergy effects.

The plan includes actions concerning:

  1. Gender Mainstreaming
  2. Work and study conditions
  3. Information, training and network building
  4. Leadership positions, drafting and decision-making bodies
  5. Recruitment