Goals and regulations in English

Goals and regulations is a compilation based on university-wide goal statements, guidelines, prescriptions and so on established by the University Board and Vice Chancellor. The original document, in its entirety, is in the university’s official register.

The following documents are available in English:

Goal statements:

Uppsala University - Mission and Core Values

Teaching and Learning at Uppsala University

Programme for External Collaboration

Programme for Internationalisation

Programme for Quality Work at Uppsala University

Programme for Sustainable Development

Uppsala University Equal Opportunities Programme

Action Plan for Equal Opportunities 2014 - 2016

Action Plan for External Collaboration 2016-2018

Action Plan for Internationalisation 2016-2018

Action Plan for Sustainable Development 2014-2016

Action Plan for Equal Treatment of Students 2016

Environmental Objectives and Action Plan for Environmental Work 2016-2017

Uppsala University Research Strategies 2016-2020


Regulation documents:

Admissions ordinance and regulations regarding studies at the graduate level

Admission Regulations. Guidelines for Entry to First‐ and Second‐cycle
Education at Uppsala University

Appointment Regulations for Uppsala University

Grading systems for first- and second-cycle courses and study programmes as of 2011-01-01

Guidelines for admittance of excellen teachers

Guidelines for course evaluations

Guidelines for Dealing with Cases of Harassment under the Discrimination Act

Guidelines for employment of transitional rules with regard to tuition fees for students in master’s programmes at Uppsala University

Guidelines for the Conduct of Written Examinations at Uppsala University as of Autumn Semester 2015

Guidelines on the procedure for handling alleged misconduct in research

Guidelines regarding student working conditions at Uppsala university

Parental policy

Plan of action for the prevention of gender-based violation (sexual harassment)

Procedural regulations for applications from Uppsala University to U.S. federal financiers, in particular the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and for managing funding granted

Programme for dealing with alcohol and drug problems at Uppsala University

Regulations for Promotion of Associate Senior Lecturer to Senior Lecturer

Regulations for the procedure to report misconduct in research

Routine for dealing with suspected deceptive conduct in examinations

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