• Diarienummer: UFV 2007/670
  • Beslutsdatum: 2008-05-06
  • Beslutsfattare: Rektor
  • Dokumenttyp: Program

Orginaldokumentet i sin helhet återfinns i universitetets diarium.

Teaching and Learning at Uppsala University


Uppsala University must offer first-rate education programmes, in which teaching keeps pace with current research developments in educational studies and subject-specific teaching methods. These guidelines are intended as an instrument to this end. With the help of the guidelines, a shared view can be reached on important principles which can then be turned into local practice.

The guidelines comprise four overall objectives for educational activities, providing a framework in terms of content and structure. The objectives are based on the fundamental task of creating good Conditions for Students’ Learning. To make this possible, teachers must be provided with opportunities for Professional Development in Teaching and Learning, which can then be put into practice in the continuous Development of Education Programmes. This in turn requires that The Value of Teaching Assignments Concerning Job Qualifications be raised.

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Avdelningen för universitetspedagogisk utveckling (PU)


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